Andrews post-game comments

We asked Andrew for a post-game comment after the win in Floby…

”Easy to say that we need to start the match better, with minor disruption this week, I need to prepare the team in a better way so that we can be ready to play at a high level from the beginning.

I don’t want to take anything away from Floby though..those guys started very strong and tested us throughout the night. It is important to give credit to them because our team needs to be recognized for maintaining patience during the match. It is not easy to fight back from match points when they have such good fan support and our guys were able to show some grit.

We can make some minor adjustments during the game faster and with more certainty. We will continue to work on our ability to support each other both during the rallies and between the whistles.

Proud of the Team we have. All the guys that contribute and dedicate their time in trainings to put quality work in. That helps us push each other to be better.”

Next game is home against Örkelljunga on saturday – see you there!