Caleb Konrad blir Habo Wolleys nya spelfördelare

Habo Wolley har gjort klart med kanadensaren Caleb Konrad inför säsongen 2019/2020. För tredje året i rad blir det alltså kanadensisk representation på passarpositionen 

Lagbygget fortsätter för nästa års trupp och Caleb Konrad blir den sjunde spelaren att skriva på för de rödvita. Han spelade förra året i KFUM Ikast i danska högstaligan och när klubben nu drar sig ur elitserien för att satsa allt på sin ungdomsverksamhet tar Konrad steget över sundet för att passa vidare i Habo Wolley.

Sportchef Arvid Haag kommenterar värvningen:
-Passare är en nyckelroll i volleyboll och jag är väldigt nöjd att vi har hittat en spelare som Caleb Konrad. Vi fick tipset från KFUM Ikasts tränare Mats Björkman i samband med att laget bestämde sig för att dra sig ur högstaligan och han har fått goda vitsord från alla vi hört oss för med. Jag ser fram emot att få Caleb till klubben och förhoppningsvis blir han en riktig profil i årets Habo Wolley. 

Redaktionen har naturligtvis tagit sig ett snack med nyförvärvet, och trots att han spelat ett år i Danmark är det fortfarande engelska som gäller:

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Caleb Konrad?
I am a 23 years old volleyball athlete from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. I have always had a love for sport, especially basketball and hockey from a young age. It wasn’t until the age of 15 when I first picked up a volleyball and fell in love with the sport. Ever since then I went full force into developing my volley game with the help of so many incredible coaches, leading me to signing with Habo Wolley for the 2019/20 season. 

A little about my family. I have three siblings, two older brothers who I always had to compete against, especially for the food around the house. Little did I know that this constant competition developed my competitive drive in sport to continually work at my craft day in and day out. Then there is my younger sister, someone who has inspired me to constantly strive for greatness in everything I do. This has helped me through a lot in life, especially in those moments where you aren’t so sure what your future holds. My parents, although I have a lot to say I will try to keep it short. Without them I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the person I am today. The amount of support they have shown me throughout my life, especially my volleyball career is more then I could have ever asked for. They are the key reason to why I get to train and play the sport I love everyday, I can’t thank them enough. 

Another fact about myself, I am really into nutrition. I love learning how the body reacts to certain foods and diets, knowing what types of advantages and disadvantages come from them, which I use for myself to further my performance on the court. 

How are you as a player?
I am a very aggressive setter at the net. I like using my attack as an option to further help my deceptiveness on the court. I enjoy playing in loud and hostile environments yet am fairly quiet and focused on the task at hand while on the court. I really enjoy taking a leadership role, especially being a setter it allows me to take control of the game and solve the code to breaking down the opponents defense. 

What is your expectation for the upcoming year? Have you ever been to Sweden before?
– I am hoping I can help push this club to a top tier playoff spot in this upcoming season. I know the team has a lot of talent and with my help I strongly believe we can push for a deep playoff run in this upcoming campaign. I will do everything I can to not only perform at my best everyday but also hopefully get the chance to help out in the leadership roles on and off the court. 
– Last year I had a short visit to Sweden for a preseason tournament in which, ironically, we beat Habo to take first in our pool. Now I am playing for Habo and will hopefully get the chance to beat my old club in the same preseason tournament this upcoming season. 

Anything else you want to add?
I am very excited for my opportunity to play for Habo Wolley. I have heard a lot of good things about the club from my recent teammates , Kenny Rooney (U of M) and Dillon Collett (Ikast KFUM). I am looking forward to not only being an impact on the team but also in the community. I hope I can inspire the youth of sport in Habo, helping grow the sport community and leaving the youth and people of Habo with many great memories. 

Som synes är det en ambitiös spelare vi får till oss och förhoppningarna är stora att hans inställning och dedikation till sporten ska sprida sig både i elitlaget men också i hela klubben. Caleb kommer naturligtvis att hjälpa till även i våra ungdomsgrupper, något som är en självklarhet för alla utlänningar som representerar Habo Wolley.

Caleb Konrad:
Ålder: 23 år

Position: passare

Längd: 193 cm

Räckhöjd:342 cm

Tidigare klubbar och meriter:
Douglas College (2013-2016)
– Pacwest Champions (2013/14)
– Pacwest Rookie of the Year (2013/14)
– Pacwest Tournament First Team Allstar (2013/14)
– Pacwest Silver Medalist (2014/15)
– Pacwest Silver Medalist (2015/16)
– Pacwest League First Team Allstar (2015/16)
University Of Manitoba (2016/17)
– Canwest Silver Medalist
Canadian National Excellence Program (2017/18)
Ikast KFUM (2018/19)